1. Challenge

Mechtronix is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of flight simulation equipment. In order to consolidate its recent financing efforts and support its growth objectives, Mechtronix called on ID-Ressources to recruit the best talent available.

2. Solution

To raise the profile of Mechtronix, ID-Ressources carried out recruitment campaigns in selected media (Web, trade journals and schools). It also developed a referral program. Finally, ID-Ressources contact potential candidates directly using various search engines. ID-Ressources is managing the entire staffing process, from submitting résumés to making final offers.

3. Result

Mechtronix was able to increase its workforce by 10% and recruit the best talent available for the following positions;

• Vice president, business development
• Major accounts representative, Singapore
• Major accounts representative, Europe
• Project manager
• Aircraft simulation engineer
• Aerodynamics simulation engineer
• Systems engineer
• Test coordinator
• Customer service manager
• Computer engineer
• Mechanical draftsperson
• Mechanical engineer

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