SM International Group  

1. Challenge

SM International Group is a consulting engineering firm that offers products and services in areas like project engineering, information technologies, project management, the environment, quality management and laboratory operations. The firm has offices in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Longueuil, Lac-Mégantic, Varennes, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Gatineau, and is currently active in 22 countries.

After obtaining a contract to build a highway in Algeria, SM International Group contacted ID-Ressources due to the scarcity of local labour.
2. Solution

ID-Ressources implemented a broad-based local and international posting strategy to attract the best talent available. In addition, it directly solicited university researchers from around the world. It also conducted targeted searches on websites specialized in civil engineering structures and highway construction. SM International Group already had a referral program, which ID-Ressources enhanced for the duration of the campaign. ID-Ressources was responsible for the entire recruitment process, from submitting résumés to making final offers, a role which included representing its client at job fairs.

3. Result

By leveraging these strategies, SM International Group was able to recruit international candidates for its Algerian highway construction project and fill the following positions:

• Hydrologist
• Geotechnical engineer
• Structural engineer specialized in bridges
• Topographical engineer

It also recruited local candidates for the following positions:

• Building mechanics engineer
• High-voltage engineer
• Telecommunications engineer
• Environmental engineer
• Administrative assistant
• Contract administrator
• Project director, transportation and traffic

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