1. Challenge

Wataniya Telecom Algérie (WTA) is Algeria’s leading multimedia mobile telephone operator. On August 25, 2004, WTA launched its Nedjma brand, providing services and benefits never before offered in the country.

WTA’s goal was to sell its products in three regions of Algeria (Alger, Oran and Constantine) and to recruit staff as quickly as possible before the launch.


2. Solution

ID-Ressources was asked to oversee the transfer of knowledge to local personnel and train them in recruitment techniques. It selected staff for three departments (Sales, I.T., and Logistics and Finance) in three cities (Oran, Alger and Constantine), which involved filling roughly 200 positions in six months.
ID-Ressources was also responsible for the following activities:
• Hiring personnel in foreign countries
• Developing a recruitment strategy to attract talent (partnerships with schools and professional associations, participation in telecommunications industry fairs, Website optimization, advertising in Internet cafés)
• Selecting a recruitment database


3. Result

ID-Ressources hired personnel in the three cities for the following positions:
• Boutique sales associate
• Travelling sales representative
• Sales manager
• Warehouse clerk
• Warehouse supervisor
• Oracle programmer
• Accountant
• Customer support technician

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